special-offer_233348Aircon Normal Cleaning (90 Days Warranty)

Fancoil Unit Price $
1 40.00
2 55.00
3 70.00
4 85.00
5 100.00
6 & above /unit 18.00 each

Scope of work

1 ) Cleaning of filter for indoor unit.

2) Cleaning of evaporator coil.

3 ) Cleaning of condensate drain pan.

4 ) Cleaning of condensate water drainage piping .

5 ) Brush or Vacuum of blower wheel and blade .

6 ) Check refrigerant and test run system.

3 months service warranty

Aircon Chemical Wash (90 Days Warranty)
Fancoil Unit Price $
1 85.00
2 160.00
3 230.00
4 290.00
5 350.00
6 & above /unit 65.00 each

Air conditioners require regular service. The general service will usually take place at least quarterly or three times in a year, but regular service cannot get rid of the dirt and other unwanted debris. It therefore becomes necessary to use a more through and intense clean up, chemical cleaning.

We disassemble parts of the air conditioner, clean it using water and other special cleaning compounds. The cleanup will get rid of stubborn stains, grease, and accumulated dust.

3 months service warranty

Aircon Chemical Overhaul (90 Days Warranty)
Fancoil Unit Price $
1 150.00
2 280.00
3 390.00
4 480.00
5 550.00
6 & above /unit 100.00  each

Chemical overhaul is needed when chemical cleaning will not be effective enough to clean the aircon or usually carried out on units that have not been washed with chemical for years We will disassemble the whole air-con unit and flushing through each and every part with chemical, including air filters.

The fan bearings are also washed and lubricated to provide smooth operation. We will then examinate every part and also test the device to make sure the system is working well. It is aimed at restoring an aircon back to its original state.

3 months service warranty

Gas Topping/ Refrigerant Recharge
Gas Topping Price $
R22 From 30.00 – 60.00
R410a From 60.00 – 100.00

There are 2 types of refrigerant, which is R22 and R410.
Type of gas recharge subject to model of air-cons.


Troubleshooting charges of $40 inclusive of  transportation and checking, it will be waived off if client engage with our repairing service.