Common Air-con Problems

Air-Con is water leaking?

This is the most common one among all aircon problems. Here are some few main causes of aircon leaking:

  • Drainage pipe clogged. Drainage pipe will get clogged with dusts or dirt sometimes. Clogged pipe blocks water from flowing out, water will starts to gather and caused leakage. Service your aircons quarterly or at least three times in a year to prevent this.
  • Coils frozen. A pressure causes by low level or refrigerant, or a dirty aircon filter may cause the evaporator coil freeze over. When the ice melts, there is an overflow of water into the drain pan and causes the aircon to leak water. Just make sure the coil filter is cleaned regularly as it should be.
  • Condensation will take place if warm air is infiltrate into cooler and dryer air, or like what we called, water vapour. Some aircon water leakage is caused by condensed waterdroplets from the water vapour that is present in air. We cannot prevent condensation as it is a natural phenomenon.
  • Installation problem. This is the most unlikely factor. But if the aircon pipes are not connected correctly, it will also causes the aircon to start leaking.

Air-con turn off automatically?

  • Condenser problem. It might be the refrigerant is running low or maybe a blockage caused by dirt in the condenser. Low level of refrigerant would cause your aircon to automatically turn off of its own. Clean the condenser coil and fins, removing any dirt that may have built up over time. Proper maintenance of condenser is a must.
  • Timer. Sounds obvious, but sometimes we set off a timer and who knows if we’ve forgotten.
  • Compressor. The compressor might be blocked by dusts and dirt, and the temperature and pressure has no way to release heat, therefore causing compressor over-heated. The aircon will switch itself off as a safety precaution.
  • Thermostat / Sensor. The thermostat or a sensor measures the surrounding temperature and adjusts the aircon’s accordingly. If the thermostat isn’t working correctly, it will switch the aircon off.
  • PCB board. A fault of PCB prevent the aircon from working properly. Check if there is any flashing or red lights that could indicate a problem with the circuit board.

Air-con compressor noisy?

  • It is mostly caused by the fan belt. This is a simple problem to fix as the belt has just been dislodged from the track.

Air-con blowing warm air?

Thermostat / Sensor. The thermostat or a sensor measures the surrounding temperature and adjusts the aircon’s accordingly. If thermostat isn’t holding the correct temperature, this could be the thermostat’s calibration being defective.